Conference: Nov. 29th - Dec. 1st 2023, Preconference Workshop: Nov. 27th - Nov. 28th 2023, Last Date for Abstract Submission: 22nd November

Abstract Guidelines

  • Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are invited in the form of oral and poster presentations. All those desirous of participating and/or presenting in the conference are requested to complete the online abstract submission. Authors are requested to send one-page abstract in the prescribed format on the website.

Instructions for abstract preparation.

The abstract must be written in English
The title should be in bold with font size 12 followed by authors name(s) in the next line, with the presenting author name underlined
Authors: In lower case letters (Arial size 11). The last name(s) of each author must be written first, followed by the initial(s) of the first name and separated from the next name by a comma. Underline the name of the presenting author. Do not include any titles, academic or other, such as Professor, Chairman, and President etc.
The abstract contents in single spaced Arial Narrow font should be limited to 300 words (including title, author names, affiliations, abstract body and references). The abstract body should be single spaced font size 11.
References relevant to the abstract if any should be placed at the bottom. References should not be cited in the text
The format may be obtained from the template Abstract and can have maximum one figure/scheme/flow chart of 1.5”x 6.0” or 3”x3” which will be equivalent to 120 words.
Do not include paragraph headings such as Aims, Materials & Methods, Results, etc.
Submit abstract using the given template as doc/word file only. No pdf files will be accepted
Body of abstract: Background, Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusion (Arial size 12).
Institution/Correspondence: In lower case letters (Arial size 11). Write the name(s) of the institution(s), to which the authors are affiliated, city and country. Please do not forget to write the email address of the presenting author
Abstracts will be published as submitted. Proof and edit your submission accordingly. Please use the abstract template attached here.
  • Guidelines for abstract submission and registration
Abstracts must be submitted online only
Results of the abstract will be emailed to the author
Last date of abstract submission is 22nd November.
Student category: Any individual who is engaged as a full-time undergraduate or graduate in a university or college program and is actively involved in research. Also researchers engaged in sponsored projects as JRF/SRF/RA are eligible in student category. You can be asked to submit a copy of your student identification card in the registration form.
Postdoctoral Fellows: Any researcher who is temporarily employed by an academic institution, who has been awarded their doctoral degree and who is not holding regular appointment as faculty or academic staff can register under student category.
All others will be treated as a faculty category for abstract submission and registration.
Single author publications will not be accepted for students and postdoctoral fellows under student category.
The authors understand that at least one of the authors and every presenter have to register before the registration deadline for final acceptance and inclusion in the conference schedule and abstract book.
All participants who want to attend the conference (even if they don’t present the work) have to register.
BIOTEX 2023 undertakes that all authors have given their consent to the submitted abstract. All abstracts must be submitted electronically using the given template.
BIOTEX 2023 accepts no responsibility for submitted abstracts. The responsibility remains with the authors.
The copyright of all abstracts rests with the authors and BIOTEX 2023 may not be held responsible for any violations because of plagiarism, or any misuse of material.
Authors submitting an abstract should abide by the conditions, policies and decisions of the BIOTEX 2023 organizing committee.
A registered delegate can present either one oral paper or one poster paper.
For any clarifications write to us at: